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SYSDM.CPL translation


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I was tying to translate SYSDM.CPL version 4.90.3002 from English to Dutch, but ran into a problem. The rightclick context menu in device manager is uneditable with VSC++ version 6. However I found that when looking for the strings in a hex editor that there exits a group of strings that correspond to the rightclick context menu. Now for the problem, the Dutch strings are larger in amount of charaters than the English ones (see photo's) so when copied form the Dutch unpatched version, the file basically gets corrupted. Does anyone know how to make the space bigger to accommodate the extra length of the Dutch strings?

The English strings: SYSDM_EN.png.f920c40d7ad92702932beaf53ea1abe7.png and Dutch strings:  SYSDM_NL.png.01e02e1e9aa1b5bb5a21e233275203b1.png


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Yes eXeScope works only problem is that sysdm has a lot of strings :(. Visual C++ 6.0 allows for copy paste, thus finishing the translation job in under 2 min :). But the strings mentioned are not present in any resource editor I have tried, not even Visual C++ which does a great job for 99% of the strings. Only fix is a hex edit.

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