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Windows 8 WiFi issues


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I've had this problem, too, with Windows 8.1, as I understand the implementation on it is pretty bad.  Basically all you can do is check whether the drivers are good and you're updated fully, minus maybe checking to see if the adapter is set to be turned off on power profile.   If you're not using a brand name wi-fi adapter (something like Realtek or the like with no brand name packaging as opposed to something like D-Link or Linksys), that might be part of the problem too.   Honestly, a lot of my problem went away when I changed to a brand-name adapter from my generic.  But not all of it - I'm connecting as 802.11g for some reason when I have 802.11n equipment, which makes me think it could be a USB issue (1.0 instead of 2.0).  But can't see in the drivers whether I'm getting USB 2.0 on my ports or not...

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