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Multi-SKU XP disc?


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You might be asking what I mean by this.

What I mean is a single disc that could have all the versions of XP on it (Home, Pro, TPC, MCE, all of them except the x64 versions). While I have heard that using HFSLIP has an option for multi-sku discs (move this in there if necessary), I couldn't find any documentation for this being the case.

If anyone knows how to make a multi-edition/SKU disc of XP (not an actual link because of piracy, just a tutorial would be fine), then that would be greatly appreciated.

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I've never heard of anyone doing this but I am curious if using any of the early Longhorn WinPE's and modding them would work in such a case seeing how close they are to NT 5.2. It'd involve a lot of work, but it'd be a rather interesting project for certain heh.

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