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  1. You might be asking what I mean by this. What I mean is a single disc that could have all the versions of XP on it (Home, Pro, TPC, MCE, all of them except the x64 versions). While I have heard that using HFSLIP has an option for multi-sku discs (move this in there if necessary), I couldn't find any documentation for this being the case. If anyone knows how to make a multi-edition/SKU disc of XP (not an actual link because of piracy, just a tutorial would be fine), then that would be greatly appreciated.
  2. As already seen by various other posts, such as 8, Vista, and XP, there have been unofficial ways of getting support. If this is the case, would that mean we could install updates from Windows Embedded 7 or Windows Thin PC (both based on 7, but have longer EOL times, up to 12th October 2021), in a similar way that Server 2008 or POSReady 2009 provided updates to Vista and XP respectively?
  3. Is there a internet archive mirror of this? Or is it exclusive to MEGA? Also, using the command: Does that include subfolders? (say there's another folder with updates, does it include the ones in the other folder, or is it just the ones exclusively in the general folder?)

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