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How to make 5 1/4" & 3 1/2" floppy drives work on a single cable.


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One method is to have the 5 1/4" at the end of a long floppy cable and a 3 1/2" in the middle named A and B drives. The drive on the middle connection run at twice the access time as the 5 1/4" at the end so the 3 1/2" had to be a good one, a >=2002 model. Another method is in parallel as picture shows. The prerequisite is that the 5 1/4" has to work by itself. This usually requires a machine to operate with a maximum of 66 - 83 FSB. The key board access time had to be set to 6 stokes per second or less if BIOS had adjustment. This slowed down access rate to the floppy drives so that the 5 1/4" had a chance.

Floppy Cable 1.jpg

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