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lenovo e440 and l440 video memory


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i was wondering if anyone has any experience with the lenovo e440 and l440 laptops. i plan on using one or the other. i am concerned on the laptops feeding enough usable video memory from the integrated intel hd 4600 graphics. i noticed something mentioned for the e440 model, i am not sure if it also is said for the l440, but i found it for the e440 and it mentions "Graphic Intel® HD Graphics 4600 / NONGFF Expandable". does anyone know what NONGFF expandable means? i tried to google this and could not find any relevant things or abbreviations for it. i was worried that maybe it means that the laptop only comes with a fixed amount of video memory and can't be changed, regardless of how much system ram is installed, because often the case, if you were to install more system memory, the amount of usable video memory would go up, and a bad scenario would be that it would only have a max of something like 128 MB usable, regardless of application, which isn't enough for the applications i need it for, i would need 512 MB. 

now i have had experience with the t440p, i believe it allowed setting up to 512 MB of shared video memory in the bios. i no longer would use t440p models since they come with the gt 730m that just flat out sucked for me in performance compared to the intel hd 4600, which i found odd because according to passmark's score, it should do better, but it performed worse for the game i used it for, now for privacy reasons, i didn't want to mention the game. i also didn't like having the added gpu in the system, creating more heat and power usage, so that's why i am avoiding t440p's, and of course for the other reasons i mentioned. it simply doesn't make sense to have two gpus almost identical in performance, although ironically, this wasn't even the case with me, it did a lot more poorly for the gt 730m. t440 isn't an option because it doesn't have a optical drive ( not that important but i prefer one ), but the bigger issue is that the case design is in such a way that makes it very difficult and impractical to open up to replace the cpu thermal paste and do other stuff / cleaning, which is why im looking at the e440 / l440.  

i would be using 8 GB of ram for either the l440 or e440 if i get them. i understand that manually allocating video memory in bios may not be necessary in some laptops or systems, in that the gpu will use more video memory if possible, but of course, some manufacturers limit this ability and if there isn't a bios setting for it specifically, then it may also not give enough video memory when needed. 

also, here's the source for the site to which i got the info of someone else posting the information of the e440 - 


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