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Notepad3 v5.19.630.2381 (2019-06-30)


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Notepad3 v5.19.630.2381 (2019-06-30)


The original Notepad shipped with Windows is probably the handiest program of all times, small, fast, without frills!

Notepad3 tries to follow this principle, it’s a fast and light-weight Scintilla-based text editor with syntax highlighting. It has a small memory footprint, but is powerful enough to handle most programming jobs. Features include code folding, bracket matching, automatic indentation, word auto-completion, convert character encoding between various formats (ASCII, UTF-8, and UTF-16), newline format conversion (between DOS (CR/LF), Unix (LF), and Macintosh (CR) formats), multiple undo or redo, bookmarks, and regular expression-based find and replace.

Notepad3 changes and improves upon many of Notepad2 and Notepad2-mod's features. Read more


Author’s Homepage:             https://www.rizonesoft.com/

Author’s Download:              https://www.rizonesoft.com/downloads/

Notepad3 Download:            https://www.rizonesoft.com/downloads/notepad3/

NP3 Documentation:            https://www.rizonesoft.com/documents/notepad3/

NP3 Latest Changelog:         https://www.rizonesoft.com/downloads/notepad3/update/

NP3 All Changelogs:             https://github.com/rizonesoft/Notepad3/blob/master/Build/Changes.txt

Notepad3 FAQs:                    https://www.rizonesoft.com/documents/notepad3/frequently-asked-questions/


Direct Download:

Installer:                                Notepad3_5.19.630.2381_Setup.exe

Portable:                               Notepad3_5.19.630.2381.zip

PortableApps:                       Notepad3Portable_5.19.701.2381_Dev_Test_4.paf.exe

Version:                                  5.19.630.2381

Updated:                                June 30, 2019

File size:                                 4 MB

License:                                 Open Source

Requirements:                      Windows® 7, 8 / 8.1, 10 (32 and 64 bit)



If you experience issues with our software or have some suggestions, report it on: GitHub here.

Changes in version 5.19.630.2381 (2019-06-30):



  • Add another Dark Theme “Obsidian”.
  • Add option to disable Hyperlink Tooltip.
  • Tooltip for Hyperlinks.
  • 2nd Solution to build a shared library (DLL) (C++ runtime & Scintilla) version of Notepad3.
  • Menu entry to mute MessageBox beeps.
  • Theme Menu to load exported styles “on the fly” (e.g.: “Dark” or “Obsidian”). Factory Default, Standard Settings, a Dark Theme.
  • Close Zoom Info Bubble after ~3 sec.
  • Recent History button in Toolbar.
  • [Settings2] key-values (internal) to control concurrent encoding detection.
  • 2nd Encoding-Detector “Mozilla’s UCHARDET” concurrent to CED (Google’s Compact Encoding Detection).
  • Language selection in Main Menu.
  • Command line option [/Y] to search env PATH for relative filename (NLS: strings).
  • Customize Schemes: Caret style ‘ovrbar’ (default) to switch caret style between BAR and BLOCK.
  • Highlight current line Frame-Mode (+ mode toggle Ctrl+Shift*I) (NLS: strings).
  • Goto-Dlg (Line/Column) accepts TinyExpr (ignoring suffixes).
  • Add CED reliability option (NLS: dialogs).
  • Indentation consistency check on file open (NLS: dialogs).
  • End-of-Line (EOL) consistency check on file open (NLS: dialogs).
  • Checkbox for transparent Find/Replace Dialog box on losing focus.



  • Allow customizable fileName-RegEx to extensionlist
        ( \rc$; = all filenames (incl. ext) which ends on 'rc')
  • Hand cursor coupled with indicator hover style only on modifier keys
  • Allow indicator styling for Hyperlink hover rendering
  • Find/Replace dialog <-> "Focused View" enhancements
  • Rework inconsistent line-breaks in status bar
  • Rework EOL and Indentation check with dialogs



  • Load external Toolbars (clear config on error, path relative to be portable)
  • Focused View: refolding by lexer
  • Focused View started from Find/Replace dialog
  • Do not ignore notify change for Paste/Swap/Undo/Redo
  • Colourise bug on find next (w/ mark occurrences)
  • Indentation warning dialog
  • Reworked: Consistent EOL and Indentation checks
  • Fix to support external Hot- and Disabled- Toolbar icons
  • Broken open hyperlink in web-browser (Ctrl+Click) and broken toolbar toggle
  • MUI - Replace Horizontal Ellipsis by 3 final point (ANSI Detection Issue)
  • Write Language change to Settings2 on change immediately
  • Focused View not working for some Lexers
  • Find correct window for "Single File Instance"
  • Single file instance: find correct window for real paths
  • Minor issue on UTF-8 encoding detection
  • High quality icon for Taskbar (big icons)
  • Support high-definition icon for taskbar
  • .vcxproj files supporting VS2019 (vc142)



  • Compact Encoding Detection (CED) as 2nd encoding detector
         (rely on UCHARDET only)



  • Hungarian (hu-HU) Translation
  • Italian (it-IT) Translation
  • Korean (ko-KR) Translation
  • Polish (pl-PL) Translation (In progress)


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