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[python2] Building PIP and PyQt to install spyder2

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Hi Pythoners, I have quite an unusual problem here.

I have newest python 2 and python 3 installed together with python launcher and PIP, all coming from newest, official installers from python.org. And I wanted to install Spyder IDE for them. For various reasons I am not going with Anaconda, as they suggest, or any other python distro like python(x, y) or WinPython. I decided for the PIP way

spyder3 went smooth, I just needed to:

pip3 install pyqt5
pip3 install spyder

And it works like a charm. Hovewer, spyder 2 is not that easy. For pyqt for python 2 is not avaliable via pip, so it looks like buildig from source, as described here, is the only way that will work for me. Unfortunately, it requires having sip for python, which is also not available via pip and one have to build using source code. And this is the moment I am quite lost.

I managed to run configure.py using python 2, all paths were valid, I managed to find makefile files it created... and don't know what to do next. SIP installation instruction assumes that reader can use "make" command and is experienced in C\C++ building, and I'm not at all. I googled a bit and tried to use nmake, simply passing my makefile as a parameter, but only got a response "cannot build"

What I need a hand with:

First, I would like to get that built and installed. this case simply got me curious.
Secondly, I don't even know if this will allow me to install spyder2 using pip2, and this is my ultimate goal.

My setup is Win10 Enterprise, major build 1703, and a Visual Studio express 2015 - and "enterprise" means, I cannot use any other.

Any help is welcome.

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