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Diffinity 0.8.7 (2019-02-12)

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Diffinity v0.8.8 (2019-02-12)




Diffinity is a free diff and merging tool for Windows with focus on accurate and easy to read source code diffs.

It will compare the contents of two text files and show all differences line by line and also which individual characters/words that differs.



Improved diffing quality for xml and c-style source code

Thumbnail view of all diffs

Differentiates between changed, removed and added lines

Instance highlighting - double click or search for a word to show all instances of it

Syntax highlighting

Supports Unicode and auto detects encoding (and warns if encoding mismatch)

Customizable interface

In-line diffs live updated as you type

Windows Explorer shell integration

Portable (can be run directly from an external device)


Homepage:    http://truehumandesign.se/s_diffinity.php

Download:     http://truehumandesign.se/dl.php?file=diffinityInstaller.exe


Changes in version 0.8.8 (2019-02-12)

  • Pressing ctrl+a to select all text will work without having to click to focus on a certain text component
  • Switching on syntax highlighting will colorize entire file up front to avoid stalls when scrolling
  • Bugfix: double bom was saved if a utf8 encoded file with bom was opened, edited, and saved
  • Bugfix: fixed context menu for copy left/right always being enabled even when no edit selected

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