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(Solved) Auto Hide taskbar not working properly


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Hi guys!

I usually have my taskbar on auto hide at the right side of my screen....

Usually moving pointer to right side makes it appear....

The problem is if I don't place my mouse pointer by the edge of the screen and go slowly to right....then it won't appear...

I have checked reset settings...doesn't help....

I have tried resetting position to bottom of screen and that works fine....it doesn't matter how fast I move mouse pointer to bottom of screen it appears....

I have tried having it at left side of screen and it appears no matter how fast I move mouse pointer....

What could be causing such a thing?







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Sorry...been busy....my bad!

I have two computers connected to a splitter but had forgotten that.

I have a server connected to the same screen splitter and had started that but forgot that my main computer was connected to hdmi and not vga which the server is...

Because I started the server first it took over the screen and then my works computer wouldn't work without attaching the vga cable...forgot that I had hdmi still connected...hdmi and vga didn't play well together....

All solved...

Thanks for reminding me that I hadn't written solved....



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