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DirectX 9.0b in win2k unattend install!


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I use the unattended install of directx 9.0b in winxp, it works well(with /opk). But I use this in win2k pro, it appears several error message. When I complete install the win2k, then install this dirctx 9.0b, it works too. why it doesn't work during in unattend mode in win2k?

ECHO Installing DirectX 9.0b

ECHO Please Wait...

start /wait %systemdrive%\install\DirectX\dxsetup.exe /opk

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You don't have permission to access /users/a/z/azh113/MSFN/DX9NTopk.exe on this server

I can't download this file! Can you tell me where else I can download this file?

Thank you!

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hi sorry

my server doesn't like me anymore therefore i'm not hosting those files

u've to go to oem.microsoft.com

register for free and dl it

or i'm sure that files lies somewhere on the internet if u search..

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