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  1. thank you for all the help you have given me. sadly i cannot report success or failure because i no longer have the tablet. the owner got impatient and no longer wanted to wait for me to find time to work on his tablet. i see no reason why the installation from the windows image should not work. sadly, in the little time i had, i didn't even got so far as to install from the image. in the end the thing which gave me most trouble was the presumably failing power button which i needed to press for many seconds repeatedly to get to where i need to be to set things up so they do what i want. and since i do not know where the settings are i needed to restart the process often. and many times where i found time and patience to work on the tablet i gave up frustrated after several times of pressing the power button and hoping the button works and not knowing whether i didn't press long enough or the button failed. so again thank you for the help and sorry that in the end i could not give a positive report back. and a parting message: this device main input method was the touchscreen and the keyboard. but once the software (windows) failed the only input method left was the power button. if the power button fails you have nothing. and the tablet was not build to open and replace the button. do not buy such devices. do not build such devices.
  2. thank you for the replies. they seem to be really helpful. i will try them out in the next days and report back about my success or failure. @Tripredacus the name of the logfile i found is SetupAct_offline.log i got the logfile by following this website: https://foxdeploy.com/2017/03/13/solved-windows-10-reset-there-was-a-problem-resetting-your-pc/ my file was located in a slightly different folder which i do not remember now and do not want to try to start recovery mode again. the website suggested that i would be able to determine the fault from the log. but there were too many differences from the system on the website and my system. so i did not follow through the steps of the website. @cdob thank you for finding this link: https://www.odyshilfe.de/treiber the website https://www.odyshilfe.de is linked from the main odys website. but then there are some prominently displayed icons and i clicked windows but then only a couple of the (presumably) newest devices were listed. so i thought my device is so old the support is already dropped. now i found the link to "treiber" (driver) in a dropdown at the top and there is this search box which list my device including download for windows installation image and drivers. this is gold. and shame on odys for not presenting this more prominently. and a bit shame on me for not finding that link. thank you for finding that and pointing it out for me. i have downloaded the windows image and will try to install that in the next days.
  3. i got a windows 10 tablet which is not doing well and need your help. i tried to factory reset and got this message: "there was a problem resetting your pc". i tried some of the things from the internet to no avail. i managed to get the log of the recovery process. i could not work out obvious error cause from the log. i can show you if it helps. device is still not working. reset is still not working. i hope you can help me. i am a linux guy. i am also the family computer support guy. i used to work on dos and windows up to windows 2000 before switching to linux full time. so i have some (old) windows knowledge. the device is this one: https://www.odys.de/web/web_lan_de_hmp_1_mp_23_an_X610129_sw_ja_manual_ja.html it is a tablet with power button, windows button and volume buttons. also a detachable keyboard. i got the device with following behaviour. turn on and see login screen. all well so far. after login the screen alternates between showing windows desktop and black screen once a second or so. mouse is moving but it is an hourglass most of the time. i tried to click things but they did not respond. ctrl+alt+del on the keyboard works and show a screen without flicker. task manager can be started but now again in a screen with flicker. so screen seems to be working fine. i suspect a virus or driver problems? i did not want to debug windows problem so i tought factory reset would be easier. i searched the internet for how to boot to "recovery mode" or something like that. many did not work. the one ended up working was pressing shift while clicking to restart. ironically this needs windows to boot correctly at least once to be able to use. anyway i was now in the recovery mode and selected to reset the device. delete all data yes yes confirm and device is resetting. all is well i thought until it stoped with this message: "There Was a Problem Resetting Your PC". now when i turn on the device it will show intel logo then odys logo then black screen and nothing. there is a detail which i find interesting: a second after the screen turned black after the odys logo there is a dotted white line on the screen which then fades to black the following second. the dotted line starts at the bottom and rises vertically about 1 cm. maybe it is a known behaviour. maybe it is nothing. i did not find anything helpful on the internet. so now the device is practically bricked. except it is not. i can restart a couple of times and it will again boot in recovery mode. a reset will end with the same error message. i can open a command line and see files and stuff. i can go to bios (need to boot windows to go to bios. go figure...). but nothing that i found on the internet has helped me to bring windows back to life. the restarting is a pain. the keyboard is useless. all i have to work are the few hardware buttons. practically all the guides to start recovery mode on the tablet on the internet don't work. one said to press volume up and down three times in two seconds. the only one that works is to start device and force power off three times and then recovery mode will start. starting devices requires to press power button about three seconds. then see intel and odys logo and black screen. now hold power button at least ten seconds and device will power down. except it does not always. i have to redo this press power button ten second a couple of times until device actually power off. maybe the power button is failing. maybe the device is actually doing something. i do not know. also windows recovery mode sometimes needs four or five of these cycles until it decides to show up. the last and the most invasive things that i tried where from this website: https://windows10skill.com/solved-there-was-a-problem-resetting-your-pc-on-windows-10/ renaming directories failed because they were in use. sfc and dism either refused to start or did not recognize any of the options mentioned on the website. i have not tried the media creation tool. i worry that all the drivers for my device will be missing. the odys website do not offer any for download. as said above i have managed to get the log of the recovery process. it is huge. there are tons of warnings and error lines. the last error line is a couple hundred lines before the end of the log. i did not manage to work out a cause of the failing of the reset process. i can post the log if you think it is helpful and safe (no personal data or something like that). please help.
  4. you are trying to install dx90b in unattended mode during the win2k installation, correct? could you be more specific on the error messages
  5. i solved the problem the command should be update instead of install devcon update inffile.inf "device_name"
  6. devcon works like a charm. but there is a strange side effect everytime i use devcon to install a driver. here is the command line i'm using devcon install inffile.inf "device_name" (i have to put device name in "" otherwise the console will interpret the & in the device name) the drivers will install and the device will work correctly. the side effect is an unknown device which will install itself in the same category as the installed device is (in the network adapter category when it's a nic for example). one unknown device will appear for everytime i run the command. i can delete the unknown devices, windows will not redetect them. they seem to be real phantom devices. any idea about this?
  7. thanks Ausmith1 i am tinkering with devcon now
  8. i am trying to setup win2k on my ibm x31 laptop i need these drivers to be installed unattended http://www-306.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss...ocid=MIGR-46096 the archive contains a whole bunch of files for all flavors of ms os. the drivers which i actually need are 5 files and an .inf file. the installation procedure requires me to open device manager, properties, ..., specify location of the .inf file. how can i do this unattended? note i don't mean unattended like install with windows from cd unattended. what i need is more like batch file unattended.

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