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office xp sp3 on 98SE / NT4 and updates

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i noticed just last night that office xp is said to work on 98SE as i was checking the system requirements and that i was using office 2000 the whole time on 98SE, so now i am trying to replace office 2000 with office xp on 98SE, mainly because it is smaller in size ( so far ) with xp sp3 full version, although this is excluding some updates released after office xp sp3 ( i'll cover that later ). now my questions are is there anything that would be a disadvantage or offer less compatibility of using office xp compared to office 2000, whether it is on 98SE or on any system, because i did do a quick search on it and like many versions of software, some stuff is added, some stuff was removed, but i was wondering if there is anything specific that differentiates office xp and office 2000 that would be important for either backwards compatibility or other stuff? 

i have been using it on NT4, or at least, i remember installing it a while back, though i don't remember on the exact process or the activation part, the keys are static of course, but i don't know if it required going on the internet still to activate it, etc, because office 2000 doesn't. also back to the office xp sp3 part, does the full version update really cover everything from sp1 till sp3? reason being is that i noticed the individual updates i previously had in my NT4 files ( still being kept right now for emergency ) are a total of 83 MB, where as the office xp sp3 full version is only 57.5 MB, but why so, isn't office xp sp3 full version supposed to cover everything from the earlier packages? the names of the older files i used are as follows: "Oxpsp1", "MAINSP2ff", "Owc10SP2ff", and "OfficeXpSp3-kb832671-client-enu", the newer sp3 full version i downloaded has the name of "officexpsp3-kb832671-fullfile-enu". 

however, there are several updates released after sp3 that indeed work on 98SE, some of which have popped up as still being available from microsoft from google search, though i still don't know which ones i need, i would assume anything released after the earliest release of sp3 would be an "update", but i don't think i necessarily want to go one by one with every single update if it's really necessary, besides the fact that i may actually exceed the original size of space, which i did not want to do, i mainly wanted to reduce the file space, and also i don't think the unofficial 98SE service pack 3.61 would cover the added updates after office xp sp3.   

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