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Memory limit installing W9x/ME, and various...

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for solve mouse problem u also can try update usbhub20/usbport pair.
or, if problem only with 16bit mode - check our BIOS USB legacy settings.

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Silly evil crap....

Nothing works with this MB... no backwards compability whatsoever

If I am using the /LJ switch (with LIMEM) I got one error saying not enough memory and everything halts...

Changed the mouse, did not work, changed from one andersson to one lenovo (both cheap and newer models)
same problem.

Stupid Windows 10, after update yesterday (I have no control what MS like to do with this computer) I can't write to
my FAT32 Windows 98 partition anymore, well I can, but when I come back in Windows 98, it cant read it, some sector
error. if I boot into Linux, and simply copy that file or folder to a new one and then boot into Windows 98, I can read
that file or folder, so it must be something with Windows 10. And I am running the higher half of SATA in IDE mode,
so CD/DVD and the W98 disk is mapped to this.

Graphic cards driver... don't know, I have an ASUS NF?66-D128 something similar, what I read was that it should be the
same as 6600GT card? but drivers don't seem to work, I managed to install the driver, but windows refused to boot after
that. had to revert from backup, I will try one ASUS EN8500GT as well, if there is drivers for it, because it has VGA out
and I only have one spare VGA monitor for now... That is the reason I don't have tried the Quad FX yet. Otherwise I
will go thru my pile of ATI cards, and see if something may work.

As a sidenote, I manage to get the Mach64 card to work in W98, but on this MB it was problematic with BIOS settings
and Linux refused to boot at all with it present, and I could not enter BIOS settings when that card was primary.

If it continue to mess with me, I think I will test one older MB (have 4), with 486 or early Pentium - not sure what I have...
(but I know some have ISA slots) - if I am to build a true retro machine, perhaps one should go back to the roots all the way.

perhaps this thread should be renamed to something like "various problems installing W98" instead...

Anyway I have a question. I have an old ATI Radeon 7000 but... it has been inside an old PPC PowerMac  (G3 Windtunnel), as
far as I know, an equal GFX Card for PC will not work in MAC before it is reflashed, is it the same way around on Windows?
must it be reflashed before it will work? Is windows using internal code from the GFX Card itself or does it only rely on
drivers to talk to the card?

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As far as argument #2 is concerned. I have a large number of the most important fixes on one site. MDGx has most of the rest.

I could sell a package with everything (at least everything I have solved) in it, but it would be a moving target as I discover new fixes for new problems.

I already have a Slip-Streamed Install CD that JUST WORKS pretty much anywhere.

My TeraByte Plus package integrates several Hard Disk related fixes and enhancements, but most people still prefer to buy my fixes one at a time to save money.

It is reasonable for "stuff" for the OS to be free when you are the one selling the OS.

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12 hours ago, Azvareth said:

Hmmm... not sure what you are getting at.

So from my perspective, I am not building a workstation and I am not really a gamer either, I am just doing this for fun, and it is my hobby to test all kinds of stuff, and what
a computer could be used for. One point of that is, and I am sure you understand if you have read my posts and my references to flea markets. Is that it must be as cheap as
possible. However it MUST be done on real hardware in my case, everything works in VBox or VMWare, so some investement is neccessary, but I hope to reuse as much old
stuff I got in this project.

I was simply making you aware of other, better options to solve some of the issues you were having.

It's up to you to choose to use them or not. If you want to do things the hard way, then by all means do so.


12 hours ago, Azvareth said:

I don't beleive in turning this into some Amiga thing, Amiga was something else, a milestone in computer history, Amiga stuff do cost much money today, and the Amiga
community is perhaps not bigger, but has a better software library and a deeper ? knowledgebase, that few can compete with - and is still usable if you have an accelerator.
Yes, I did own an Amiga before I jumped on my first PC, a P90 with Win95 so I am "biased". Therefore I don't think you can make money on a Win9x machine / OS. Not
much anyway, it should be for some specific usage with software that still is mandatory for that person/organisation. The rest of us? not so much (my opinion only).

Stuff for the OS itself should be free, if not, then it is better (my opinion again) to create a suite of everything needed on top of Win9x and sell it as a bundle so the
end user pay for one product and then got a working machine instead of: ohh to get that to work, go to this adress and buy this... and then later discover that, ohhh if
you need that to work, then go to this adress and buy that. to last figure out, there is no way that could work. Actually, if all files to make Win98 usable today was pay
for only, I guess rloew solution would be obsolete in that case.

I don't know what, if anything this has to do with Amiga. Never used one. Maybe I put Windows 9x in the same light that you do Amiga, who knows.

I have a real problem with the idea that everything should be "free." Someone has to do work to achieve anything in this world, and those who do good work deserve to be justly compensated for it, not just have a bunch of freeloaders who take advantage of their knowledge and abilities without which nothing would be accomplished. Value for value.

Now, I will say that if I had the knowledge to fix such things myself, then in this case I would probably give them away just for the pure pleasure of annoying Microsoft and sticking it to them. That would be compensation in itself for me. But that doesn't mean that anyone else should be expected to take this outlook upon their work, or their work derided or dismissed simply because they do not choose to "give it away."

As far as a "bundle" is concerned, I've already seen several whiners complain about the price of one of rloew's bundled packages, so he is very correct about most people wanting to pick individual fixes instead. "One size fits all" can be done, but it's much simpler to tackle issues on an individual basis, since every fix is not needed on every system.

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Sorry if I sounded a bit "annoying" in my previous post, it was a bit to late for me and perhaps I was a bit to hungry. Or some else excuse... Today I am much more relaxed.

I have no problems if people wish to earn money for their work,  but I don't think many would buy, not for such old soft and hardware.

For example: Yes there are still a lot of Windows 9x keys lying in peoples homes - as in mine, but I figure most of the people interesting in W9x simply download some ISO (with key) and install it into some emulator, PCEm is fine for real hardware emulation. Then they download some old game, like carmageddon play it a while. Then they move on, not paying a dime for anything. It is not about who is selling, it is about who is buying... or to cite megadeath: "peace sells, but whos buying?"

I will check out the rowle.. .something package / solution stuff, when the time is right... I still have some other issues I need to figure out first. These are:

Should I use older hardware, if so which one? Have to check the attic.

If not, figure out why my drive (whole disk) remove itself when trying to installing unofficial SP3, giving diskwrite error, then it is gone (tried it two times - same error). Have to restore it (without data loss) with some partitioning tool with subtool "partition recovery wizard".

I also need too figure out if it is possible to solve why drive is going in DOS mode or something, despite windows installer installed IDE drivers for that machine.

The graphic problem was solved, found an ATI x850 that seems to work, sounds like a jet at bootup, but fan spins down quite fast so it is managable, and the driver works too.

The memory problem is sort of solved by alternating between HIMEMX and LIMEM using HIMEMX when all is working OK and LIMEM when problems occure, it seems that HIMEMX is more stable to the system, I am not sure but it "feels" like it.

I also found a DLINK WiFi USB card DWL-G122 C (also lying around - yea I am a horder ;-) don't throw anything that works), the drivers installed fine as well, but no stable connection between the router and NIC... I got to MSN IE start page once, perhaps some setting I don't understand yet.

The sound is still untested, but all lights on the sound devices (both in computer and external) say it works.

So... I did not meant to be rude, I was just tired...

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Ok... nothing worked, got the HD destroyed everytime Win10 did write on it. Win9x also only detected the first partition (after a while) so I dumped it, gave up so to speak on this machine...

Just as a quick sidenote (I know this section is not for XP) : I tried XP (thinking of using apps in w9x compability mode), but it only recognized the boot disk, all other HD's were "gone" as far as XP was concerned. Also graphics driver for MB did not work. network and sound where no problems after some research...

So I quit it for now...

//Thanks for the help, I appreciate the files you have given links to and the usage.


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