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(Occasional) 30-second freeze on specific actions


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On a Windows 10 PC that's about a year old, I noticed a freezing issue that occurs/may occur while performing specific tasks.  I discovered these at different times since a few days after I took the computer home.  The PC was pre-assembled at my regular store with Windows 10 64-bit running on an NVMe system drive.  After receiving it, I installed a 3TB mechanical hard drive which is used for data.
The problems:
* Clicking the Start menu globe, it sometimes takes 30 seconds for the Start Menu to appear.  This happens with Classic Shell enabled and disabled.
* Opening a program like Notepad or Calculator, I may need to wait 30 seconds for these programs to appear.
*  When I'm on another computer in the network, right-click a file in a shared folder located on the Win10 PC and click Properties, I sometimes need to wait 30 seconds for the file properties dialog to appear.
* When on another computer, right-clicking an image (jpeg, psd, etc.) in a shared folder on the Win10 PC and choosing Open With > Photoshop, Photoshop will open but it will always freeze for 30 seconds before the image is loaded.  If I open the remote file from inside Photoshop (File > Open), this delay doesn't seem to be there.
I can't help but think these problems are somehow related.  Any ideas?

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it related to metro infrastructure, i don't think there a good /effective  tool to fix those

especially in last builds

im recommending to install Enterprise LTSB version

much more settle version of metro

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