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WSH, javascript, and WMI

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hi, i was wondering if anyone can give me some straightforward answers on WSH ( windows script host ), javascript ( integrated part of web browsers ), and WMI ( windows management instrumentation ). so here are my questions:

. what is the difference between javascript and windows script host?

. does a general usage person need to install both windows script host and javascript on the same system for added functionality?, the reason why i ask is because i noticed windows 95 and NT4 are the only ones that do not come with windows script host at all, where as windows 98 and newer ship with windows script host 1.0. this makes me believe that installing wsh 5.6 on 95 and NT4 is sort of needed for added functionality, so this goes in another question below

. does windows script host 5.6 add increased functionality, stability and performance for general use if upgrading from version 1.0, and if so, for what? what difference is there if someone does not use WSH 5.6 on a 95 and NT4 pc vs having WSH 5.6 installed, does having it installed make web browsing functionality better? 

. why does windows management instrumentation 1.5 never work properly on any of my systems, is this just me or does it have to do with wmi 1.5 being flawed? the specific issues i would have every time i installed it, at least on 95 and 98SE is that it would continuously hang or freeze the system whenever i opened certain programs, and the only way to keep working was to manually shut off the system and reboot every time this would happen, so i would exclude installing it on any system. 

. so i was wondering why the older versions of windows management instrumentation do not crash or freeze the system, being that older WMI ships on 98SE, as well as included in windows 95.

i do not remember on the functionality of installing windows script host 5.6 on 95 and 98SE, i think it's possible that when i did install it on 95 or 98SE, that it behaved similarly like WMI 1.5 would, in that it would causes instability and freezing, complaining about unresponsive scripts, only within the web browsers of course, but that issue didn't seem to happen on normal 98SE builds without manually installing WSH 5.6, which makes me believe that the older WSH version didn't interfere or cause problems, although it's possible that none of these are the reasons and it could have been from other reasons / factors like using a specific web browser and / or missing other components, but i can't seem to pinpoint what, i don't think it would be java because java and javascript engine are different. 

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