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Windows Updates for Legacy Operating Systems


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I notice that archive.org has a collection of ISO files called "Windows Updates for Legacy Operating Systems (95-Vista)" or WULOS that is showing a publication date of 2018 (January 25, so just a few days ago).

I don't know if posting the link here would be approved of.  I guess I'm wondering if there's anything there that is new or useful vs what we already know or have regarding those operating systems.  

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I've downloaded the Security9 file, and I'm downloading the 95-XP file now (3.6 gb) - but it's going to take 6+ hours.  I'll post a directory listing for both of those later (unless there's an objection to that).  I don't intend to get the 6 gb of Vista files.

Edit:  ok, here's the file listings for WinUpdates_95-XP32.iso and Security9_enu_15.iso.  If there's any .txt files you see in there that you'd like me to attach to this post, let me know. 



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Added directory dump for 95-XP and Security9 ISO file
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