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You might also try and may actually have better luck at the ThinkPads Forum Support Community and then under the "ThinkPad T6x Series


There are several people there that sell parts for various ThinkPads and may have what you want. Lots of 'ThinkPad' knowledge and help over there. Just a few topics among many.

ThinkPad T6x Series
T60/T61 series specific matters only

ThinkPad T4x Series
T4x series specific matters only

Several members also have parts and older ThinkPads for sale ... good place to be if you own a ThinkPad.


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Why don't you take a few minutes and join over at the forum link that I posted earlier. Ask your question (s) over there. Someone may have what you are looking for. My ThinkPads are the T4x series. I had a fan go bad and got some help and questions answered. I bought the wrong size fan from an eBay seller and got it all figured out with forum help. Upgraded CPUs and got help with buying the right thermal paste.

Great bunch ... I need to spend more time there ... there are some nice utilities there for heat control made by forum members. There is a program utility called TPFC .62 ... TPFanControl by troubadix. There is also another fan utility that is worth checking out. I didn't even know about these programs till my fan stopped working.


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