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DVD-CD-ROM device not seen


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running a 2008 intel mobo with XP sp3 w/ POS Ready thru last year +/-

only one DVD/CD-ROM is connected to the mobo

BIOS sees DVD/CD-ROM on Sata 1 as HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH14NS40, DMA Mode is auto

when Windows XP boots it doesn't see the DVD drive

device manager devmgmt.msc doesn't show a box for DVD/CD-ROM drives

thus I don't have an option to change drive letter, or delete the device so that it can be re-recognized on XP reboot

under Hkey Local Machine / Systen / Current Control Set / Control / Class / {4D36E965 E325 11CD BFC1 08002BE10318) there are 24 items

only the first one is for DVD/CD-ROM drives

it has three sub folders -- 0000 and 0001 and Properties

in 0000 and 0001, the LowerFilters key value is PxHelp20


any thoughts on how I can get my DVD drive back?

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Thanks jaklaz!

As usual you find the good references ...

I tried everything, to no avail.  So I figured the DVD CD-ROM drive itself was dead, and bought a new one.

While removing the old DVD, I noticed that the SATA cable connection at the back had somehow worked loose.  Perhaps slowly over 5 years of fan vibrations or whatever ...

In any case restored the SATA cable connection, and the DVD is back.

So, here is the wierdness ... this means that the SATA cable connection was NOT sufficient for Windows XP to recognize the device, but it WAS sufficient for the BIOS to recognize it.

With the loose connection, the BIOS recognized the DVD, but XP wouldn't. Tightened up the connection and XP recognizes the DVD.  Maybe BIOS needs only 3 of 4 wires, while XP needs all 4.

Thanks again, bro!

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Yes, SATA cables/connectors (being "new" and "smart" and "clever" and ...) have (unlike the "old", "clumsy", "outdated" and ...) ATA/IDE/SCSI connectors a known ability to disconnect themselves by their own will (actually for unknown reasons, as you pointed out most probably because of some vibrations).

You clearly don't move often your desktop  (not that you should ;)) but when/if you do, you will probably find out after a move, let's say 200 Km on a light truck. when you re-power up the PC SATA disks (and/or  CD/DVD drives) won't be found and after inspection you will find out that the connectors are loose or downright came off.

The new ones with the locking the metal insert are much better than common ones (but not all receptacles allow the use of locking cables), the ones with a 90° bend on disk side are somehow better than "dtraight" ones usually, probably because the weight of the cable is not pulling in the same direction as the insertion axis, but the real trick I learned when inspecting a brand new "assembled" desktop, there was a small blob of hot glue on each connector (device side), I talked to the OEM and he told me how since they had so many reports about sent (via mail/courier) desktops arriving DOA they started (lightly) gluing  the connectors, as a matter of fact it works nicely and it is not that a problem if you actually have to remove the connector (and I have seen other assembled PC's with a thick elastic band around the HD keeping the connectors in place).

This said, good to know (yours must be an "edge" case) that in some conditions they may appear in BIOS but not in the OS.

It's queer, maybe (just maybe) the BIOS needs a manual re-dection of devices otherwise it "keeps" old ones in memory? :dubbio:



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