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Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry Pro x64 questions.


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1.) How much RAM can the above mentioned Windows OS see and use? Considering it's going to be 64-bit. 

2.) Is the latest DirectX supported in this OS?

3.) Are all of the apps removed? - That's the main reason I'd be going for this embedded operating system because I hate apps and basically all the unwanted and unnecessary features and processes.

4.) Does this OS have any major disadvantages compared to 'Windows 8.1 Professional x64'? (In terms of gaming, browsing, doing casual stuff such as playing back high bit-rate or resolution videos like 4k vids or sound quality, etc)


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Windows 8.1 Industry Pro has the same shortcomings that WES7 does, whereas if you do a full set using IBW, it will still leave some piece out. For 8.1, the part you need to do manually is related to USB. I believe that USB 2.0 is put in, but 3.0 will not work properly. I ran into this issue myself and it was not caught right away. :(

I do not know about these other questions because I've only built this to OS to be an appliance.

But you can test yourself by registering to get the eval version:

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