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DOS audio drivers for AMD Geode LX800?


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Has anyone ever found DOS audio drivers for the AMD Geode LX800 or CS5536? I've found some on various embedded device websites for Windows 9X through XP, download links say they're for the CS5536 but the readme.txt with them only mentions thr CS5535. Same driver for both? Then there's the readme for Realtek AC'97 Sound System Software ver:A4.03 listing support for the CS5536 since version A3.92.

What I'm wanting to do is install some version of DOS on a WYSE S30 thin client, with the Panasonic universal USB mass storage drivers. Legacy keyboard support is apparently available and always on since that's how one gets around in the very limited BIOS setup screen. Old games like DOOM and Duke Nukem 3D should run quite well on a 366Mhz 5x86 class CPU.

I have three of those thin clients, planning on replacing the Apacer IDE flash disk with a 2.5" SD card adapter and the 128 meg DDR SODIMM with a 512 meg then using much of that for a RAM disk. Getting sound, and perhaps the 10/100 Ethernet working with DOS will be mostly for having it fully functional.

Those aren't necessary to my main interest in running DOS on these, I have a benchtop CNC milling machine from the 90's and the only software to run it runs only in a pure DOS system. The mill connects to a PC via a single RS232C cable and the S30's sole legacy I/O port is a DE9 serial. With the Panasonic USB drivers I should be able to run GCODE files from a USB drive.

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