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Incredible Amazon Story - Technology or Science Fiction !

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I guess it's real ... just discovered ... Amazon has a patent on a giant flying drone Mothership zeppelin warehouse. It will fly at 45,000feet, shuttle employees and fuel to the Mothership. Drones will leave the airship flying everywhere making deliveries. I am taking bits of information out of two articles. I will put the links in for both articles. I'm wondering about employees working that high in altitude ... will take a special breed for that job.

Amazon reveals plans to make deliveries using incredible airship drone base

Online retail giant granted patent for astonishing blimp which can carry a vast fleet of robotic flying vehicles.

29th December 2016


"The patent, granted by the US patent office in April but only uncovered this week by tech analyst Zoe Leavitt, describes motherships floating above cities that release drones that save energy by dropping with gravity before kicking in with their motors."

Amazon patented a fantastical floating airship warehouse for its delivery drones

Dec 29, 2016


"A giant airship, that would fly at high altitudes of around 45,000 feet in the air, and would then deploy individual drones to deliver Amazon's goods to customers. Additional, smaller airships would be used to return the drones back to the AFC, resupply the mothership with more inventory and fuel, and shuttle workers to the flying factory."

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