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After Creating Hyper V External Switch: Setup and Assign Static IP Address for Host Machine?

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After Creating Hyper V External Switch: Setup and Assign Static IP Address for Host Machine?

Lost Connectivity to Hyper V Host after Creating External Switch

How to set static IP address on Window 8.1 Host with Hyper-V and Single network adapter

Facing a similar situation but the answer posted is not enough to follow the steps and solve the issue outlined.

How to Reassign Static IP to Win 8.1 Host that seems to have been lost in creating an External Virtual Switch in Hyper V?

How & where in Windows 8.1 can one assign a Static IP to the Host Machine (with an External Virtual Switch)?

It was easy to do so with the HV VM, but the static IP that was originally assigned on the Physical Host Adapter (NIC) (Before Switch creation) seems to be gone and cant use it to access Host via RDP anymore.

Direction please?


Read this article and how HV changes Network Topology, but not sure, how and where in the Win 8.1 UI I need to assign the original Static IP to point and RDP towards the Host.

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When you enable Hyper-V vSwitch it will create virtual cards on your PC. You need to set your static IP on those virtual cards. To do it, open Network and sharing center (right click on network tray), open Adpaters settings and you will see some virtual Ethernet cards, set your static IP on them.

You should have something like this (I have setup two vSwitch for the two cards on my server) so select one of the vEthernet and set it up lake any other physical card ;)

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