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Improving the Windows 8 Taskbar List


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Does anyone know how to reduce the spacing on the taskbar window list when it's showing stacked windows?
See the image below for what I mean. 

Are there any resources in ExplorerFrame.dll for example that could be edited to reduce the spacing?


I tried tweaking the registry keys at  

But you cannot get rid of much padding there before the icons misalign and the text becomes unreadable.
See image below.

As you can see there's still plenty of space for the text, but there's something blocking the text from appearing
properly. I couldn't find any settings in the registry to get rid of the invisible margins or padding.


For comparision here's a screenshot from Vista where the list is really nice and compact. The original
list on Windows 8 is almost twice as high as this with the same number of items.


There must be some other setting somewhere which could be tweaked to make the Win 8 list look
more like on Vista? Perhaps someone knows or has some ideas where to look?

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1 hour ago, xpclient said:

They increased it hoping that touchscreen users would make use of it. In Bob 10's atrocious XAML jumplist, the spacing is even greater.

Yep. Agree here. They already started getting excited about the spacing in Windows 7, but on 8 they went full retard.

I'm starting to think I have to code my own replacement for this crap. You can't do any serious work with multiple windows open, when this list quickly grows bigger than the monitor.

The registry entries get so close to correcting it..just can't figure out how to remove that stupid invisible padding. I'm sure it has to be in there in some explorer.exe resource..but where.

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