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HD Audio under 98SE or ME?


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I want to try Windows 98SE or ME on an IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad Z60m (similar to a T43), however this seems to be the only thing that is not working (I used a modded ATI Catalyst driver that worked on the T43 on my Z60m with no issues, most other drivers work)

I've seen the SciTech SNAP Audio drivers but have not tried them yet (they claim to support HD Audio on older operating systems), any experiences with that?

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i actually looked into this in the past  too, from what i researched, the scitech snap audio drivers were very limited to what operating system it supported and hardware in general, a quick google search just now indicates that it was ported to windows nt 4.0 but no mention of other operating systems. below is some information i got from another forum of the readme file from apparently the scitech snap audio driver :

This is a list of the various audio chipsets that have been tested with
this version of SciTech SNAP Audio. They can be used with any applications
that use SciTech SNAP technology directly.

AC97 Controllers
ATI SB200, SB300, SB400
Intel ICH2, ICH3, ICH4, ICH5, ICH6, ICH7
nVidia nForce, nForce2, nForce3

HDA Controllers
Intel ICH6, ICH7, ICH8

there was a file called "snapaudio-dos-1.0.1.exe", though i don't know what operating systems it supported, also it seems there are no longer any more links for downloading the file, there was some serial that you were supposed to register with it to i think which also seems to be non existent or part of the problem?

i honestly rather stick with the t43. the best ( fastest ) ibm laptop i looked at that can properly support windows 98SE was the t43p model, though they are rare and expensive when found.

is there any particular reason you want to use the ibm z60m? because if your goal is simply to have a fast laptop without having dos sound support ( which most of these laptops don't anyways ), then i would just use the dell latitude d810, it only comes in mobility radeon graphics, not the gma 900 that the z60m can come with sometimes. there is some things you have to do to get it work properly but it's probably one of the fastest laptops i had that can have "full" support for windows 98SE. there is also the compaq presario v2000 models that are not bad. the only laptops i found with dos sound were 440bx laptops of course, the maestro 3E only supported wolfenstein 3d and not dukenukem 3d. the maestro 2E had sound effects and music in dukenukem 3d using default soundblaster settings, but i didn't test any other games. i also think driver version matters, i tend to use older driver versions when possible.

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