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Errors Starting gpedit.msc


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For those of you testing Windows 10 Pro...

Do you see errors when starting gpedit.msc (the Local Group Policy Editor)?

If so, the problem appears to be that there are at least some leftover files in the C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions and C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\en-US folders that shouldn't be there.  Taking ownership, granting oneself Full Control permissions, and deleting the files whose dates don't match all the others seems to clear up the error messages, BUT...  Deleting one of them that gives me trouble also breaks system protection (i.e., SFC /SCANNOW reports an error and restores the WindowsStore.admx file that emits the error):


This looks a lot like Microsoft isn't managing what's in the PolicyDefinitions folders very well via Windows Update, but it's almost hard to believe that they'd be making mistakes that are so blatant.

It sure looks as though they've mixed up the released version of Windows 10 with pre-release builds, since the date on the offending WindowsStore.admx file is March 23, 2016, and it superseded one that had the same date as all the other files (October 30, 2015).  There is NO corresponding update to the WindowsStore.adml localization file in the en-US subfolder.


Your thoughts / experiences?  


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Just the usual fun and games with Windows 10 which the longer I use it the more liquid it seems and not something one can say will still work the next day. There's a work around for the gpedit error in the link below and someone was again asleep at MS


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As mentioned, the workaround leads to a failure of System Protection.

Windows 10:  "not something one can say will still work the next day"

I like it!


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