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Deactivate Windows XP Product Key from a deleted partition


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Hello MSFN,

A couple years ago, I attempted to dual boot Windows 2000 with a computer that had Windows XP installed on it. I had done some dual-booting before, but only with NT4 and 2000,and that went fine because I installed NT4 first. I realized afterwards that it was an unintelligent mistake to install 2000 alongside XP as although Windows 2000 installed fine, I had broken Windows XP. However, I wasn't too concerned at the time since: (a) All user files (documents, images) were backed up, (b) I still had my product key, and (c) I didn't have much need for XP at the time anyways. Although I have done a couple other dual-boots over the years with OSes prior to Windows XP (my recent setup is Windows 2000 and 98), I have recently decided to install Windows XP alongside them. I made a new partition, than downloaded an XP Home ISO (since that is the version I have the key for), and although I installed XP fine, and I have it on the internet, I cannot activate it since, when I enter my product key, Windows XP says "Invalid product Key".

I know that it is not an OEM Product Key, and it is a retail key. To my understanding, retail keys can only be used on one machine at a time, which is what I am intending to do. The ISO that I downloaded was for Windows XP Home SP3, and from what I can understand, it does not matter which service pack is included, you can use the same product key for all SPs, as long as you have the correct version of Windows.

I was wondering if there was any way to "deactivate" the XP key from the deleted partition. If you feel that I am not giving enough information, please let me know. I tried to work this out on my own but I was unsuccessful. Thank you and I appreciate any replies.

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Deactivating a product key is not a thing. If you go to install and Windows does not activate once it has internet access, then you need to phone in the activation.

Product Keys for XP do depend on SP, but there may be some difference for Retail. All I remember from those times was that RTM-SP1 and SP2-SP3 used different product keys for OEM editions. There was even a time when I had to write the COA part number on the hologram discs used for installs so that the wrong one wouldn't be installed and the end-user couldn't activate.

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