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"Hardware support" items to be removed

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Hi everybody!

I'm trying to create a slim installation disc of WinXP Pro X86 and I need some good advice on hardware support.

NLite presents a list of items (that follows), many of which are in red (just 8 in black). I know that red items are considered important/critical items but many people smoothly remove them without experiencing any problem later. Here is the list:


AGP Filters

ALI 1535 SMBus Host Controller

ALI IDE Controller

AMD IDE Controller

ATM Support


Bluetooth Support

Brother Devices

CMD PCI IDE Controller


CPU Intel

CPU Transmeta Crusoe

Firewire (1394)

Firewire Network Support

Floppy Support

Gravis Digital Game Port

IEEE 1284.4 Devices (Dot4)


Intel PCI IDE Controller

Iomega Zip Drive

Joystick Support   

Logical Disk Manager

Microsoft Color Management (ICM)

Modem Support  

Multi-port serial adapters

Multi Processor Support


Ports (COM & LPT)

Printer Support


Secure Digital Host Controller


Sony Memory Stick

Teletext Codec

Toshiba PCI IDE Controller

USB Audio support

USB Ethernet

USB Video Capture devices

VIA PCI IDE Controller

Video Capture

Windows CE USB Host

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)


Now, considering that my WinXP disc is aimed to be as "universal" as possible, I'm willing to remove at least Gravis Digital Game Port and Iomega Zip Drive. But I have some doubts concerning other 2 items in black characters: Teletext Codec and Windows CE USB Host. Are they normally of any use?Could I safely remove them?

Someone has taken out many red items such as bluetooth support, firewire (1394), firewire network support, infrared, sony memory stick, Toshiba PCI IDE Controller, etc., etc. Could you please suggest any red item that, in your opinion, is scarcely useful or completely useless nowadays (even though my disc, as said before, should be universal and then include as many items as possible)? Thanks in advance!

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Well if you are going to make it "universal", you shouldnt remove any driver. But i think you can remove the Iomega zip driver, the infrared (My last notebook has it and its a toshiba 320cds...). And the game port... if its the game port for joysticks, i think its safe to remove.


Dont know about Windows CE USB host, maybe its safe to remove, maybe its the windows mobile drivers.

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