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unattended install for .inf drivers


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i am trying to setup win2k on my ibm x31 laptop

i need these drivers to be installed unattended


the archive contains a whole bunch of files for all flavors of ms os. the drivers which i actually need are 5 files and an .inf file. the installation procedure requires me to open device manager, properties, ..., specify location of the .inf file. how can i do this unattended?

note i don't mean unattended like install with windows from cd unattended. what i need is more like batch file unattended.

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Why would you need devcon? Setup uses SetupAPI which logs to setupapi.log, this should be enough information to go from.

If you have NIC drivers that use an inf and 5 files, put the 6 files in the i386 folder. Edit dosnet.inf and add the 6 files:



in txtsetup.sif add:

filexxx.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0

driver1.sys = 1,,,,,,,4,0,0

driver2.sys = 1,,,,,,,4,0,0


I would think that would do it. When setup does PNP enumeration it should find the inf, and the inf should copy everything correctly.

I do things the hard way. If you want the easy way use the OemPnPDriversPath unattend switch. Search the forums for examples of how to do that.


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Well, the original poster specifically requested on how to do this in a batch file and not in an unattended CD, it would seem that the original poster has a specific reason for doing it this way.

Devcon is the easiest way I know of installing a driver from a batch file...

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devcon works like a charm. but there is a strange side effect everytime i use devcon to install a driver.

here is the command line i'm using

devcon install inffile.inf "device_name"

(i have to put device name in "" otherwise the console will interpret the & in the device name)

the drivers will install and the device will work correctly. the side effect is an unknown device which will install itself in the same category as the installed device is (in the network adapter category when it's a nic for example). one unknown device will appear for everytime i run the command. i can delete the unknown devices, windows will not redetect them. they seem to be real phantom devices. any idea about this?

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