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Make self-extracting archive run uncontained installer?

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Hi all

This one's tricky,


I have self extracting archive and the program inside depends on a runtime.

Aiming for an unattended installation of both should the user choose to install the program, if not the runtime installer resides in another easy to find directory anyway. Duplicating the same runtime inside the archive wastes space.


Source is read only mandating intermediate copying (temp folder).

As working directory is now temporary folder, the source directory is disregarded.

Otherwise I would simply use command ..\ to locate runtime installer.


WinRAR SFX does provide "Run before extraction" but it disregards source directory in 'TempMode'.

As the source could be USB or DVD, a static variable can't be used in commands executed from temp folder.


Does SFX.exe have modifiable script? (that differs to whats offered in GUI)?

If so, could modify SFX.exe in someway to append a command, (using ..\ to locate installer).


Out of curiosity really, I could duplicate the files but that'd seem too ... unprofessional.

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