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Resuming a build after Sysprep


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Our builds (we are presented the OS via SAN) require us to run a sysprep and complete a bunch of tasks.  I would like to automate this process and for now want to get the first few stages working.  After kicking off the sysprep via powershell, can I accept the license, set the region and language, set a default admin password, and do something that is equivalent to clicking on the finish button. 


Is there a way to do this via powershell or does this have to be done by  using the Windows AIK?

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wrong place this post should be on unattended forum


nothing impossible for your requirements


just you need to build the unattended.xml and batch scripts to do all the process


it is a best practice to create an windows application to accept initial inputs from you and create the above scripts 


but only with powershell you need to do lots of coding at the same time it should be look like windows application


as of now i build a small C# windows application (using some free libraries) to automate every process to create a HyperV VM with SQL Server i just need to do small setting on that application so that would build the answer xml and batch scripts and made it to iso and do the work


it takes 3 months for me (because i not a programmer just only googler LOL) 


you can try it by understanding everything of xml first then search the fastest methods for you to do your work

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