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Small Office Network & Azure


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I'm considering some option for a small business network.  Is it possible to have an entire network structure in Azure these days?


 I'd probably hire a pro but just looking for some ideas at the minute.


Things I'd need:


  • Server dedicated to custom application
  • Webserver (needs to be able to talk to custom application in some areas)
  • File Server
  • Domain Controller
  • Active Directory
  • SQL Instance



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No Azure experts on here then?

Or maybe none willing to give you (or share publicly) the info "a pro" might be able to provide.  :unsure:


Only shifting the accent from "incompetence" to "unwillingness" ;).



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It's always been possible with Azure VMs.  You'd set up a vNet and then create VMs and configure it on those VMs as you would anywhere else.  The tricky part is if you wanted to extend it on-prem, you'd need to configure ExpressRoute and some other things locally, but if everything will live in Azure, it's entirely possible.

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