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Not working: NTLite and Windows 10


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NTLite has many options to pre-configure a Windows image but many major options are not configurable. Like most relevant options, the UAC option was blue and could not be modified. In a newer version, the option wasn´t even given.

I integrated a languagepack and the fist updates but the Windows Media Player Feature-Update culd not be integrated.

Post-Setup commands jumble.

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Hi Bashar,


do you mean the free version of NTLite does not allow for all components removal (makes them blue and locked)?


Windows 10 needs UAC during image install for Start menu to deploy.


That Media feature update is for Windows 10 N (European, no Media in it) edition only. Do you try it on that one, which one exactly so I can try?


Can you give me an example how to jumble the Post-Setup commands?
But try starting fresh, as combination with older presets (pre-moving row feature) it might happen.



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I neither need UAC nor the start menu. Maybe you can consider to leave that dicision to the user. UAC is such an annoying feature. I am going to integrate startisback, which did not work and the prior added commands stoppt working, either, as all were jumbled up. Of course, I am using N (2015 LTSB) but the MP Update was skipped.

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Hi Bashar,


I should have been more precise, when start menu fails, so does everything metro, including OOBE (adding of users).

So if you don't need start menu, any metro-ish settings screen, and you do unattendendly skip OOBE and auto-login the first user, then yeah you could remove the UAC.

I'll add a manual unlock of those limitations in the settings.xml, so that only advanced users can do it and test the limits on their own.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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