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Wifi over win pe 5.0


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I’m trying to activate wifi device over win pe 5.0.


I used this page to start:


I used the files from Win 8.


The problem is that I’m failing to start the “wlansvc” service, I’m getting this error:


1083 (0x43B)

The executable program that this service is configured to run in does not implement the service.


I saw that someone run into similar problem here:



Do you know why this error occurs?

Do you know how I should add and start wlansvc correctly?

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Today, i use wifi in wipe for windows 10
Winpe_10 build is 10075 and i use files from windows 10074 upgraded to 10130. It's important for the .cat files.
With winpe_10, wifi is easy to get. if you still have this need, i can send my cmd files to use starting point.
And desktop in winpe_10 have the taskbar : confortable with a very few work ( also ncpa.cpl  )
In a few words, for wifi in winpe_10 :
4 - Pour le wifi : préparation de boot.wim de winpe_10 avec "dism /add-driver"
 Respecter l'ordre de lancement des "dism /add-driver"
 note : ne pas mélanger les versions des fichiers
  Identifier et collecter les fichiers inf, sys ...
 4-1 Les NetServices pour netcfg.exe
  - netnwifi.inf pour le service MS_NativeWifiP ( et aussi pour installer le pilote NativeWifiP ? )
  - netvwififlt.inf pour le service MS_vWifi
 4-2 Le pilote de la carte wifi ( intel dans mon cas )
  Pour le pilote intel de ma carte, le .inf possède un include ( voir le log windows\inf\setupapi.offline.log)
   pour la carte: netwew00.inf, NETwew00.sys, Netwfw00.dat
   pour l'include: netvwifibus.inf, vwifibus.sys, vwifibus.sys.mui (En-us)
  Mais la commande "dism /add-driver" ira aussi chercher %mount%windows\inf\vwifibus.sys : donc copier au préalable ce fichier dans ce répertoire
 4-3 Les pilotes utilisés par les couches réseau wifi : je ne sais pas pourquoi.
  note : Les noms correspondent aux entrées de la base de registre "services"
  - NativeWifiP : est il installé par le NetService ?
  - vwifibus : il est installé par l'include netvwifibus.inf
  - vwififlt : le seul que j'installe manuellement ( je ne sais pas à quoi il sert )
  Je n'ai pas trouvé d'autre méthode que de créer les clés de registre avec des fichiers .reg depuis un export de W10Ent
 4-4 Copier le répertoire L2Schemas depuis une machine sous windows10
 4-5 Exporter le profil wifi depuis une machine sous windows10, export avec mot de passe en clair
5 - Pour le wifi : après le démarrage de winpe
 créer le service wlansvc
 importer le profil
 lancer la connexion
 Verifier avec powershell et une page http :  
  $wc = New-Object system.net.webclient
  $wc.DownloadFile($url, "x:\q.txt")
  notepad "x:\q.txt"

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This is primarily an English forum, so please post in English, or at least provide a translation, everywhere in this forum except those sections that are dedicated to other languages.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  In the meantime, from Google translate:

4 - For the wifi: boot.wim preparation winpe_10 with "dism / add-driver"
 Respect the order of launching "dism / add-driver"
 Note: do not mix versions of files
  Identify and collect inf files, sys ...
 My references:
 4-1 NetServices for netcfg.exe
  - Netnwifi.inf for MS_NativeWifiP service (and also to install the driver NativeWifiP?)
  - Netvwififlt.inf for MS_vWifi Service
 4-2 The driver of the wireless card (intel in my case)
  Intel driver for my card, the .inf has include (see the log windows \ inf \ setupapi.offline.log)
   for the card: netwew00.inf, NETwew00.sys, Netwfw00.dat
   to include: netvwifibus.inf, vwifibus.sys, vwifibus.sys.mui (En-us)
  But the command "dism / add-driver" also will fetch%% mount windows \ inf \ vwifibus.sys: So first copy this file in this directory
 4-3 The drivers used by the WiFi network layers: I do not know why.
  Note: The names correspond to entries in the registry "services"
  - NativeWifiP: it is installed by the NetService?
  - Vwifibus: it is installed by the include netvwifibus.inf
  - Vwififlt: the only one I manually install (I do not know what it is)
  I did not find any other method to create registry keys with .reg files from an export W10Ent
 4-4 Copy L2Schemas directory from a machine running windows10
 4-5 Export wifi profile from a machine running windows10, export with password in clear
5 - For wifi: after starting winpe
 create Wlansvc Service
 import the profile
 start the connection
 Check with powershell and http:
  $wc = New-Object system.net.webclient
  $wc.DownloadFile($url, "x:\q.txt")
  notepad "x:\q.txt"

Cheers and Regards

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Sorry for the french text. I beg your pardon.


i think the construct for winpe5 is similar.


A picture to see the result : wifi on intel Centrino Wireless N2200 with winpe10 build 10075




The more longer is to get ncpa.cpl and a desktop screen with taskbar for the confort. This taskbar comes a minute after the desktop screen : i don't know why ! It is also possible to pin application.


i taked the screen copy with a simple .ps1 script because i don't how to get snippingtools.exe in winpe.


I can use winpe10 from my pc with wifi with a few commands :

in winpe10 :

    wpeutil /disableFireWall ------>>>> perhaps not needed

    net start server ------------------->>> i put all packages when i create the boot.wim de winpe10

    net user toto toto /add

    net localgroup administrators toto /add

in my pc :

   net use \\\x$ /user:toto toto

   dir \\\x$


it's funny to construct a puzzle around winpe with only scripts and procmon. But many things are broken :

- i can create a shortcut on the desktop but i can't give the name of the programme to launch

- ie doesn't works but it is possible to download a page with a simple .ps1 ( with system.net.webclient )

- In" mmc  devmgmt.msc", i can't see the hidden devices because the view menu is broken.

- "mmc WF.msc" doesn't works


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I can't find these files in my WinPe10 or Win10 source:


Under system32\drivers


Under system32\drivers\en-US



where I can give it's?

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hello ^Miki^


 hvandrie  said in http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/162453-winpe-40-enable-wireless-support/  : "First, you do not need to implement "WcmSvc", or "Windows Connection Manager", service. When you create the wlansvc service and it's listed in the "DependsOnService" entry of the server, just remove the entry wcmsvc from the reg_multi_sz key."

hvandrie  said also : "you now are able to start the wlansvc without a problem and use netshell command (netsh) to see and add wireless network profiles to connect to."


For adding wireless network profiles to connect to : on a working computer, connect to the wifi network, export the profile with text password. After, on winpe, import this profile. See here : http://superuser.com/questions/133097/netsh-wlan-add-profile-not-importing-encrypted-passphrase


So, I don't use these two files (wcmsvc.dll and wcmsvc.dll.mui) for wifi in winpe10.


But if you really need them, you can find them in the install.Wim of Win10 Entreprise Eval ( be carefull for the build of the downloaded iso ) in Windows\system32 not in Windows\system32\drivers.

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