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UAC, any non-security reason to keep it?


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Is there any side effect if I remove UAC?


I always change UAC setting to lowest, which is not to inform me any changes.

Remove it would make things much more easier.

Just need to know if there was any dependency.


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Thanks a lot, MagicAndre1981


Hi nuhi,

Would like to report a possible bug.

I have 2420 beta.  Use a fresh ISO, remove UAC as planned.

But after Win8.1 installed, there is still UAC icon in Control Panel.

When click on the UAC, it shows error message that this link is no valid due to program is not there.

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Hi nuhi,

Did not know that removing UAC icon from Control Panel is an OS constraint.

I am good now.




Hi Tseng, regarding the UAC shortcut, you mean in Cpanel-Users-Change UAC last link below?
I don't believe that can be removed, if you know a way let me know. Thanks.

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