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Product as subfolder issue

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I checked the product as subfolder so that I can download more than one OS updates and have seperation with folders.  This part works however the Windows 7 SP1 64bit list doesn't show the "green icon" that indicates the update is present in the folder.  I added Win 7 SP1 64 and Win 8.1 update 1 64, the 8.1 worked, the icons were green showing they were present but the Win 7 did not.


I did try this with just Win 7 with the same result.

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Getting this too, for win7 x64 sp1 security updates.  It will download them all fine, but then it goes back to the list and doesnt recognize that it just dl'd them, and will attempt to do so again, overwriting what it already has.
Doesnt do this on the x86 sp1 branch.


*edit* added a couple other lists, played around with changing the directory names, and it stopped bugging out and listed the previously downloaded packages as green... no idea what caused the initial problem or what fixed it.  Havent been able to reproduce it now lol... weird.

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Uncheck the = product as subfolder....

Make in hard disk a new file and give the name as (Windows 7 SP1 64bit), them tell the program to download all updates in the new folder...

Check only  = category as subfolder,,,,, after this the green icon working again OK...

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