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uxtheme.dll -> system crash!


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I there I wanted to use Watercolor 4.2 and the only way I knew how to do it was the w2k3 way.

but I downloaded this


by accident because I wanted this


I applied the first patch and now after reboot system refuses even come back

no safe mode,

no lask known settings,

no restore

all get stack at one point and self restart.

anyone had such a problem and if yes is there way to fix it or just reinstall will fix it all.

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Obtain a bootable cd like one made with BartPE or the Super WinPE CD. Even knoppix will work. I suggest manually replacing the uxtheme.dll file (in system32 directory). If you used a patching program, it should have made a backup and named it uxtheme.bak or something. Just replace that file and hopefully things will be back to normal.

Alternatively, you can try to run the original patching program off of a PE cd you create, and use the built in restore function. Only do that if you are uncomfortable with working with system files. Good luck!

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uxtheme.dll is the dll for xp visual styles, or at least one of them. It is is built to allow only MS-signed visual styles (which means just luna) and that's why everybody wants a patched version of it. A patched uxtheme.dll will display any visual style, just like styleXP... That is all patching uxtheme does tho

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