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Windows Firewall


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As I am using hardware firewall of my router, the Windows Firewall is always disabled in my Windows 8.1 machine.


Is there any reason besides protection not to remove Windows Firewall?

I assume it is protected under Compatibility All for a reason or reasons?


Thanks for all help in advance.

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Hi Tseng,


a reason for it to be in recommended is because it is always good to have Firewall, and that Windows one is not that bad once you get Outbound limitations configured.

Which brings me to hardware firewall. In order to selectively per application block outbound traffic, you would still need a software firewall I guess.


You can remove it, but as in another topic, since you probably do it Live, please backup first as there needs to be a way to revert back in case you are not happy with the results, and I can fix in next version.

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Thanks a lot, nuhi.


I love Windows 8.1, but need use it jointly with Startisback and AeroGlass.

Still always feel like missing one piece until you are back with NTLite.

Your nLite has helped me a huge deal during XP era.

Now you have came finally back for Win8.1, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work and what you have done for Windows user community.


Wish you a great 2015 and hope we will see NTLite out of beta.

I am sure lots of people are patiently waiting like I am. 

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