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[Release] Byte count in Excel


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I am particularly rusty on VBA, however I happened (while attempting to write *another* thing) to find a piece of nice VBA code for opening files, here:


which I of course right away stole :w00t::ph34r: for my project.


As often happens, in order to understand how the snippet worked I did some tests completely unrelated to the original goal, and by pure chance I (half-@§§edly as usual) put together something that may be of actual use.


Find attached a simple spreadsheet that counts bytes in a file and draws a quick graph of their frequency  by value :yes:.


Such graphs are normally part of some disk/file/hex editors, among them I will cite X-Ways (commercial):


and (freeware) HXD:


Graphical representation of the byte/character distribution



and sometimes are useful to analyze "unknown" files.


Only very BRIEFLY tested on "smallish" files, YMMV.


Have fun :).




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