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Rebuild corrupted partition table

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After booting from a grub4dos floppy loading grldr, and booting the first partition of the first HD from its menu I ended up with a wiped out partition table :-(


The first partition (primary, active) with Windows XP SP3 is OK as before, but all other (logical) partitions, containing not only data but also installed programs, have disappeared.


What WinXP Disk Management sees now is a nice, healthy, unknown partition (attached).


However Bootice still sees the original partitions (partition table and list attached), whereas PTEdit32 sees the new partiton table (attached) as per the new MBR (attached, rename it to .bin).


I know this is a sort of "mission impossible", but I wonder whether the original PT could be reconstructed to try and rewrite it manually.


Thanks for any suggestion,




Observation that may or may not be useful:

If I try to reassign the missing drive letters to the original partitions as seen by Bootice, new partitions appear in Explorer that Windows asks to format.






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I answer my own question, in case it is of help to somebody else.


I have found EaseUS Partition Recovery (freeware) that did everything automatically!!!  :thumbup


I first backed up the corrupted MBR to be able to restart from there in case of failure.

Then had  EaseUS look for lost partitions and used the info I had from Bootice to select the right ones when there was overlap.

Everything works fine now.




P.S. I have now backed up MBR and PT with Bootice, which I should have done before  :yes:

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