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Windows Me Complete Updates Pack

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Hello everybody!


Trying to install & configure fully updated Windows Me system.


Does any cumulative pack exist that installs all Me updates by Microsoft, including, for example, DirectX 9.0c November 2006 and all hotfixes to it? I've included some screenshots of such sort of pack for the russian version of Windows Me, but I haven't found retail boxed russian version of the system, so I need the english one.


Existing Unofficial SP for Me is buggy: for example, system information tool stops working after applying it (and includes only hotfixes without updating WMP, IE, etc).


If such sort of package doesn't exist, please help me to create the complete list of all the components, that needed to be installed / updated, and all hotfixes to them.


What russian package includes:

1. Programs & Components:


• Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1

• Windows Media Player 9

• .NET Framework 1.0 + Service Pack 3

• .NET Framework 1.1 + Russian Langpack + Service Pack 1

• .NET Framework 2.0 + Russian Langpack

• Direct X 9.0c с обновлениями по декабрь 2006 года

• Microsoft Jet 4.0 SP8 + Replication File Update

• Microsoft XML 4.0 SP2 (KB973688)

• Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8 SP1

• Euro Conversion Tool

• Microsoft GDI+ Library

• Microsoft Layer for Unicode

• Visual Basic 1-6 Runtimes

• Visual C++ 6,7,2005 redistributables

• Windows Media 7.1 Runtimes

• Windows Media 9 Runtimes

• WMP6 Codecs

• WMP9 Codecs

• Remote Desktop Client 5.1 для Windows ME


2. Windows Me & Components updates:


• Обновление Q290700

• Обновление Q311311

• Обновление Q274113

• Обновление Q273017

• Обновление Q273727

• Обновление Q287564

• Root certificates (12/02/2014)

• Обновление Q273991

• Обновление Q274548 - Microsoft Windows ME HyperTerminal Buffer Overflow HTICONS.DLL, HYPERTRM.DLL + HYPERTRM.EXE Security Vulnerability Fix

• Обновление Windows Media Q308567 - Windows Media Player .ASF Processor Contains Unchecked Buffer

• Обновление Q311561 - MS-DOS Does Not Properly Process Hard Disk Hardware Errors

• Обновление Q310695 - Microsoft Windows ME DVD Player UDF.VXD 4.90.3001 Fix

• Обновление Q314757 - Unchecked Buffer in Universal Plug and Play can Lead to System Compromise for Windows Me

• Internet Explorer Audio Update

• Обновление Q317244

• Обновление Q323172 - MS02-048: Flaw in Certificate Enrollment Control May Cause Digital Certificates to Be Deleted

• Обновление Windows Media 6.4 Q320920

• Обновление Q329048

• Обновление Q323255

• Обновление Q329115

• Обновление Q811630

• Обновление Q812709

• Обновление Microsoft Java Virtual Machine Update 3810

• Обновление Q330994

• Обновление Windows Media 9 Q816044

• Обновление Q823559

• Обновление Q825119

• Обновление Q828750

• Обновление Windows Media KB828026

• Обновление Internet Explorer 6 SP1 KB833989

• Обновление Internet Explorer 6 SP1 KB837009

• Обновление Internet Explorer 6 SP1 KB823353

• Обновление Internet Explorer 6 SP1 KB867801

• Обновление Internet Explorer 6 SP1 KB834707

• Обновление Internet Explorer 6 SP1 KB873377

• Обновление Internet Explorer 6 SP1 KB887797

• Обновление Internet Explorer 6 SP1 KB889669

• Обновление Internet Explorer KB891781

• Обновление Q888113

• Обновление KB891711-v2

• Обновление KB896358

• Обновление KB908519

• Обновление Windows Media 9 KB911565

• Обновление Windows Script 5.6 KB917344

• Обновление Internet Explorer 6 SP1 KB916281

• Обновление Internet Explorer 6 SP1 KB918439

• Обновление (неофициальное) KB918547

• Обновление DirectX 9.0c KB904706

• Unofficial time zones update 2012 by IFkO






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Windows Installer 2.0 (instmsia.exe)


There is also a codec package for giving WMP9 built-in support for OGG and Flac. But I've lost the link for that :-( I will try and find it.

For the most part, the programs you listed are the things I have to individually install every time I do a fresh install of Windows ME. The only thing you didn't include was that Windows Installer 2.0, since that is needed for installing certain things.

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I'm referring to the DirectShow filter, here:


^ This will add OGG support to Windows Media Player 9. This directshow filter also allows ImgBurn to write OGG and FLAC files to cd's.


Here's my old thread on this topic:


Edited by LostInSpace2012

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