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Nero Ultra Edition (not install some icons


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i am using this code below to silently install nero 6.3, it works fine, but when you install it manually at the end you get three chexkboxes:

1. add nero smartstart shortcut to desktop

2. add nero smartstart shortcut to quickstart

3. automatically laucnch smartstart when disc is inserted.

using the code below all of these options are chexked, i dont want any of them, how can i do this ?


ECHO Installing Nero Burning ROM

ECHO Please wait...

start /wait %systemdrive%\install\NERO\NERO.exe /SN=xxxx-0086-0030-1319-5710-xxxx /WRITE_SN /SILENT /NOREBOOT


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im not looking to remove to startmenu shortcut, im looking to get rid of the smartstart shortucts as i said above and more importantly not to associate smartstart when a cd is inserted.

thanks for yur help though!

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