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Windows 8.1 Slow Application Performance

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Hello again, I recently installed Microsoft Windows 8.1 but I'm noticing something very odd, I'm starting to get bad application performance everything I run seems to run slow like my hardware is not powerful enough though when I ran it before I did not encounter this problem. I checked the task manager though it clams nothing is really taking up alot of memory, though when I run Adobe Premiere, Firefox (Unoffical x64 Build), and AmaRecTV (playing my Nintendo Wii) usually I am able to run all three without any problems at all, rebooting does not solve the problem it's still slow.


Though If I do nothing and leave the application running, everything seems fast I should mention.

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what power mangement can affect how slow my computer is, I had no idea.


My specs are these:

11 GB of RAM

60 GB SSD Drive

2 x 1TB Hard Disks

ATI Radeon HD 4200 (Built into my motherboard)

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It's a Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H and the software was Gigabyte Easysaver (Version B9.1214.1), the Easysaver software is not very new they haven't updated it years I believe.

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