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new vbemp driver (Feb 2014)

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is there some expert who can explain in more detail how to get the new LARGE screen resolutions with the updated driver ?

Do I need to update the bios (apparently necessary ?) and how can I do this ? I do not have enough knowledge to do this with the readme file alone.

Thanks in advance !


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Thank you for your reply - but I begin to believe that my problem is unresolvable.

I have an old MACbook Pro, I use for my astronomy (hobby) nights, on which I have installed WIN 98 (plus my old astronomy programs) via VirtualBox. The MAC has a 1440x900 screen, but I could (up to now) only get 1152x864 (and then screens above 1440x900) with the vbemp driver.

But after refelction, I beleive it will not be possible to use the new vbemp driver on a MAC, because the-  now possible - modifications through the bios are certainly thought to be applied to a WIN bios (and not an Apple one).

Thanks anyway


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