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Ski Challenge 2014 on W2k?

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Hello nice people!

I play Ski Challenge every year

http://www.ski-challenge.com/ (377MB...)

and up to the 2013 edition it installed and ran on vanilla W2k smoothly.

The 2014 edition feels like the same game engine, but with a different game start, which is globally worse: logic even less logic (as so often with video games), no keyboard input, bad interaction with the firewall coupled with the screen resolution, and so on - but we will live with that. I played on Xp, which I needed for other reasons.

After the season's end and the release of the complete 2014 edition (since tracks add over the season):

- The installer just tells "error, reverting" on vanilla W2k and aborts. Oh good.

- A folder copy of the installed game from Xp to W2k tells "not a valid Win32 application" and aborts.

The latter attempt is something that ran fine up to the 2013 season. I installed the game on one computer (including Xp), let it connect to its home website for updates, left all default tunings including the lowest screen resolution, and zipped the folder of the installed game.

Then I could unzip it to an other machine, with different screen resolutions, graphics card, processor, W2k, and it ran just fine without an Internet access.

I haven't tried copy-paste of v2014 on a separate Xp, but with vanilla W2k (no KernelEx) it failed for me.

Did you try? Suggestions? Thank you!

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