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Hello, My Name is Chris, and I have a question to ask everyone, has anyone thought of just running a Live CD as your main operating system, and not even using Internal Hard Disk Drives, and using only external drives, NAS or even a Server where all your storage is, I thought of this Idea, starting from last year, and I was wondering what people thought of it.

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3 (three) different things:

  1. Live CD -> generically -> Yes
  2. Linux -> generically -> Yes
  3. Windows PE -> specifically -> NO, as it is specifically prohibited by it's License AND unless modified, it will reboot automatically after a given time.

More generally, diskless PC's are not a "new" idea, traditionally they PXE boot from Lan, but of course you can have them boot from a CD drive, a USB stick or *almost any* other Mass Storage device the PC actually allows booting from.


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