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Error 1053 service didn't start in timely manner (30000msecs)

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I've been getting the Error 1053 in the system event logs that says the service didn't start in a timely manner of 30000msec.

This wasn't a problem in the past. This is Windows XP Home Sp3 with the latest patches. The services complaining are,

This is an HP compaq presario v5000 with maxed out memory and a 2.2 gig processor. FSB is 800mhz.

Windows image acquistion (WIA)

Hp Support Services Framework

garmin core update service

Randomly sometimes is the tcp/ip service

Is there a command that will tell me what prevents these services from starting in a timely manner?

If not, can the time be update to be greater than 30000msec to lets say 40000msec?

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this goes to windows service debug. I see in the article where one could change the service name timeout value. Is this a common problem where one has to change the service timeout value?

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Is this a common problem where one has to change the service timeout value?

I haven't noticed it myself, but my usage isn't quite typical (lots of tweaking :)). I always decrease it. :)

But in your case, very suspicious are the third-party services (maybe bad programming?). See if you can get rid of them, and still have the functionality (if needed) of their programs. Sometimes it's possible.

You could also try increasing the registry value slightly, in order to give them a little more time to pull their act together. Just as in your first post.


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