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Hello from Jersey..


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Sorry to let you know that I have just signed up and will be asking lots of stupid questions..that I will honestly try and google for myself first.

Trying to build myself a CD or two to keep old win xp systems running up to SP3 .via nlite..

Probably going to make lots of stupid basic errors....

Already spent 15 hours yesterday creating multiple failed slipstreamed and then slimmed down SP3 CD's.

First one worked..then it all started going downhill.

Thanks and apologies in advance


Jersey , channel Islands..UK..Europe

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Day two of my epic. to get a working XP SP3 slipstreamed disk.

Using nlite.

think i will take it in small stages this time.

one sp..one disk or ISO..see if that works..then next SP/ hotfixes etc.

yes i do know you are supposed to be able to go from SP0 to SP3 in one hit..but alos heard this 'may' create issue with some software...so doing it the long way

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Oookayyyy, but you might want to reread the recent posts by Kel and me here, where I think you might have meant to post the above post. We suspect that what you read about "requiring" any previous SP probably was due to differences in applying the various SP to a running system, vs integrating them into a new source via nLite. Besides, isn't your "epic" less likely to have problems the fewer steps you have to take?

Cheers and Regards

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Yes, I understand the differences between the use of SP's in order for a running system or integration..and I am sure I had read somewhere about even when integrating there had been known issues. but where i saw that..???

I have just seen I only seem to have a SP1 XP edition..from one that I built up last time I looked at this..mid 2008 I think...So to my mind.yes, i'd go sp0 to sp3..but now I have started on the route of 1,2,3 i'll continue..for now at least.

I have made a breakthrough this morning. i was just initially assuming that all the downloads pulled off the net with the likes of MS updater, were instantly compatible and could just all be added to the nLite Hotfixes, Add-Ons and Update Pack screen. But it looks like that was a mistake. The downloaders download stuff like the MS Sesurity Essentials exe installer..whihc from what I now see, can't be slipstreamed ..they need to be run later after the instal.

i so far had just selected all the directories that were downloaded in to the nLite hotfix window..Looks like i need to do them all one at a time or at least in groups.

Looks like I will have to create multiple CD's or ISO's, adding a few updates/fixes at a time, then running nLite again adding more once I see the last one worked correctly.

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Hey that's ok, it's your time and energy your wasting.

I provided you with a better solution in one of your posts over in the nLite section but it looks like your hell bent on wasting scads of your time and energy on that.

Good luck after you run through a couple of dozen tests and many hours of wasted time maybe you'll come back and actually read the advice you asked for.

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