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  1. Yes, of course I should have, no argument there.
  2. Ah..you misunderstand. The real ones were original real CD's full retail upgrade CD's, holographic logos, bought from local retail store here in Jersey..10 or so years ago..but surface damage on one over the intervening years, meant that some files were not getting copied. Everything alpheticabially from NC though to R was failing to copy out of the I386 folder. This is why I resorted to finding other on line sources..but all that happened year ago...2008 was when I moved to Mac. My last purchase of any Windows based machine was a Sony laptop back in 2004, then the Mac in 08. I keep a r
  3. I thought the activation servers were either being turned off ..or soon were to be turned off...but even if you do go over the limit..you just phone them up and they give you a code to keep going..localdial number from what I remember. but it is all pointless now, the last 4 hours have reminded me why..the only disks I do have..the upgrade ones have copy errors on them, CRC errors etc..just spent those since midday till now..1600 trying various machines, different CD drives etc to get the bloody things to copy.. The whole idea of doing the slipstream was to have a single install disk..If I th
  4. OK, so now the question is can I amke a XP Pro Upgrade CD slipstream upto SP3 as a standalone CD or am I screwed unless I can find another XP Pro full instal disk?
  5. While lying here in hospital bed, I now remember why i acquired the dodgy copies of Win XP pro...all the legit ones are upgrade disks..which means all though they will do a full clean instal, you do also have to insert your old original Win95/98 disk..to prove you are upgrading. I got fed up with that..this is going back..2006 or so.. and so tried to source a full xp pro disk
  6. Why would you use a dodgy key if you have a valid one ? Is it a legit one ? I don't think your problem comes from your downloads but from the way or the order in which you do things. As for the order..umm only tried the RVM app once..been using nLite till now. I have been trying to stick to but here is workflow so far. copy I386 from NAS to local folder. streamline to SP3 with nLite, remove the Lang, Doc, Support folders etc from newly made SP3. make multiple copies of this SP3 folder so I can go back to clean start. Use nLite again to add the downloaded hotfixes, remove components, services,
  7. sorry..my last post was done on iPhone...just got my laptop delivered to hospital..been admitted for dropped foot...trapped nerve...possibly caused by sitting in front of PC..on the floor for the last two days. but with laptop, just gone and edited previous post..explaining why I may have used a dodgy copy as opposed to one of the legit...all stored on NAS box..as ISO's. All my CD's stored like this...going back to DOS boot disks/images/ 95/98/2k...even ( dare I say it...ME) As I acquire new disks just stored them like that. Got to wait now to see if they are keeping me in till Monday for ob
  8. Regards the key. I do have original XP pro disk and serial, SP1 so do not think it would be that. So yes, I do have legal copy(s). But it is always possible that I have used a dodgy one. Will need to dig out the actual disks, and boxes and compare good from bad. All my disks ares stored on NAS server in folders with the serials as text files..both official and un official copies. did not consider that a non -legal copy could cause issue in compiling/streamlining....but yes, that would be the reason for the Genuine Notification issue..had actually forgotten about the dodgy copies. As for
  9. Ah this is crazy...any ISO created with RVM Integrator when run as VM won't even setup.. think it is time to delete everythin g..all downloads..spend a day downloading all files again and starting again... f..ing windows see attached screen shot I am giving up for the day..going for a walk before I kick the S**t out of the hardware..
  10. Yes, I see that to now. Because of what I was looking for; a quick all in one addition to nLite slipstream..combined with the name of the initial view of the page Kelsenellenelvian linked to,...slightly different to the lik yu so kindly provided. The link provided by Kelsenellenelvian was to a All In One d/load.. so I did not even think to look further for Add ons to it.. I d/loaded and used the OnePiece All In One download..thinking and not looking further than the top of that page My second mistake was forgetting how bloody hard it is to do anything with Windows. Have been on Mac si
  11. HEY, think I got it..one piece is a zip file..nLite has accepted it like that...may be I have got it this time
  12. How is that? The OnePiece download I downloaded from the link http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6438 downloads a folder with no actual updates as the Hotfixes page on nLite recognises..It seems that the Onepiece download is a stand alone package that you run on a ready running system rather than something that can be slipstreamed with nlite.
  13. Just when you think it is all going well. I used http://xdot.tk/updates.html and included all the files it downloaded., but back to same problem I had yesterday. nLite starts integrating dotnet4..and then the dotnet4 installation runs rather than integrating..and it shuts down and re boots the computer. guessing .net4 can't be integrated? I tried the One Piece d/load and see it needs the RVM intergrator..but cant get me head around how to join them together. The One Piece d/load is not jsut a set of individuall updates..a whole file structure....so that is going to require another load o
  14. Thanks guys. I am doing this as I have used mac since 2008 plus various ubuntuu distros / FreeNAS/NAS4Free etc etc and only just came back to rebuild my rainwater / fog infected workshop XP machine. have looked at Win 7 / 8 ...no thnaks..going from Win2kpro to XP was bad enough..Win 8 and panels etc..no thanks. thanks once again for the pointers I have 5 weeks ' enforced confined to barracks ' due a tendon Op on my hand..so plenty of time to get it right.
  15. Thanks..yes that is one ..of many faq's I had seen..but after seeing so many ..it has all blurred in to one..thanks again One Piece downloading now
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