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Net booting/remote install?

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Hi guys -

Could anyone around here point me at a guide or give some advice about installing Windows 2000/XP over a network?

Basically I need to find out how to setup a Windows 2000 server as a boot & installation server. Setting up PXE on the clients is no problem.

Unfortunately, I do not have any funding available to buy a product like Altaris, so I am going to have to "roll my own" for the time being.

Any thoughts?

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Install Remote Installation Services (RIS) from the add/remove windows components in add/remove programs in control panel. You will then need the Windows 2000/XP install media in order to place the install files on the newly defined RIS server. Check out http://labmice.techtarget.com/windows2000/install/RIS.htm. It's written for Windows 2000, but from my experience RIS under Windows 2003 Server is about the same procedure.

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